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November 14 - IN MEMORIAM

Due the terrorist attack on the people of paris I will not update my website thiis weekened, as a sign of the strong boundaries in the western democtratic countries. It is not an attack against france but against all freedom loving people. Stand up and defend our lifestyle!


The theme of today update is transparent rubber. Actually I love every shiny and transparent outfit, but this latex ensemble from Simon O is awesome. The garter stockings fitting perfectly on my tights and the bra show much but not all ,just enough to get you exited. To get maximum shine on it I took nearly a bath in silicon oil, too bad no slave was around to take care on that and finally salving my body! Perhaps a task for you?

November 01 - PINK HOTTIE

New update for the fans for skintight leggings showing down blouse and cameltoe in a very tight leggings from slinkystylez with silver sky high stiletto platform heels

thomas davisthomas davis